The Gallamar Group acquires and invests in businesses where our operational expertise will provide substantial value to the acquired company.   As such, we have developed criteria below to help qualify prospective acquisition candidates:

Acquisition size & Location:

  • Annual revenues from $20 to $100 million
  • No minimum EBITDA requirements
  • United States based companies

Transaction Type:

  • Family and founder owned businesses
  • Businesses looking for a private and expeditious sale
  • Corporate carve-outs
  • Control & non-control equity investments
  • Special situations which need a quick and certain closing
  • Underperforming and operationally challenged companies

Industries of Interest:

  • Manufacturing – metal, plastics, rubber and wood industries
  • Distribution – electrical, construction, furniture, vehicle parts, equipment
  • Construction – building materials, larger subcontractors
  • Service – equipment rental, computer services, security, engineering
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